The exhibiting material would be cleared in two or three days in case these material will be subject to custom duties and not for Temporary Entry. Any clearing company can clear the material.
In case of temporary Entry; the exhibitors should dispatch the exhibiting items for temporary entry to be at the Jordanian Customs Borders more than 7 days before the opening day of the event. Special approval and bank guarantee would be required. Golden Gate for Organization of Exhibitions will provide the exhibitors with the official statement issued by the Custom Department and the Ministry of Trade and Industry allowing the temporary entry and this will facilitate the clearing at the Custom Department.
In both cases, for clearing material, at least the following documents are required: Certificate of Country of Origin, Packing list and Invoices. The stated prices should be reasonable to be accepted by the Custom Department, otherwise, the Custom Department will evaluate the material according to their experience in the market.

Important Note:
The Organizers will provide the exhibitors with names and addresses of logistic and clearing companies if required by the exhibitor. The exhibitors should agree with the logistic and clearing companies regarding the cost and the required documentation.